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Hosting A Work Party

Sometimes, your work may require that you host clients for an annual cocktail party or dinner. This could be seasonal, like a Christmas dinner or even simply an annual gala where you create an opportunity for everyone to meet and network or just socialise.Sometimes, launching a new product or celebrating a promotion may also require that a party is thrown. Here are some tips on how to organise and throw a great work party. 

Make your lists

First things first. Start making your lists of who to invite and what items you might need. Make a list of all the clients that you plan on inviting. Take this opportunity to create a master list that can be reused over and over and added to as the years go by. Use this list to send out invitations either by email or by post. You can also use this list to track RSVP’s and then use it once again when organising the food for the party. Ake sure you ask invitees to confirm their attendance at an early date. Next, sit down and speak to a corporate catering company about what they might be able to offer in terms of food and pricing.

It is best to go with a company that offers corporate catering Perth as they will be better equipped to handle food quantities and their waiters and staff will be trained to handle a corporate event.

Organising the event

Once the invites have been sent and you know how many people (approximately) will be attending you need to get started on organising the actual event. Our first piece of advice – delegate. Do not try to handle everything yourself. Create a team to handle the event and as team leader delegate the various tasks and make it your job to oversee everything to ensure that it all runs smoothly. Some tasks to delegate would be decorating the venue, organising security and a coat check, being in charge of the food and caterers and even having someone to handle the speeches. You then get to keep tabs on everything without getting stressed out or feeling over worked.

Keep things simple

Keep things simple. Have basic décor – fresh flowers and maybe an ice sculpture if you’re feeling fancy. Have a schedule for the event. Leave about fifteen minutes to allow guests to arrive. Then organise for a short speech to be made – the nature of which will be determined by the purpose of the party and then have the food and drinks served soon after. This will help you control everything and stay stress free.