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What Are The Different Types Of Pizza?

There have been numerous transformations in making of pizza and yet it is loved by almost everyone. Its origin lies in Italy. There are different types of pizza produced nowadays and they have been enlisted below. Neapolitan pizzaThis is the original kind of pizza that dates back to the 18th century which had been introduced in Naples, Italy. It was purchased frequently as it had low cost and during that time, it was just a flatbread that had minimum ingredients such as tomatoes, garlic, and cheese. But now it has three variants, namely, Pizza Marinara, Pizza Margherita and another type of Pizza Margherita that has extra ingredients. 

Any Italian restaurant Blackburn will have this pizza on its menu.Chicago pizzaIt is also known as a deep-dish pizza. In the 1900s, Ike Sewell had made a pizza that had a thick crust which was having raised edges and ingredients consisted of mozzarella cheese slices and mixed with crushed tomato and vegetables. Its creation led to the famous chain, Pizzeria Uno. New York style pizza Though it is not the original, it was famous in the USA. It is quite similar to Neapolitan pizza. It is believed that its dough is made from the minerals that could be obtained in the Big Apple’s water. But its crust had to be thin and yet thick to fold a slice in half. So it would be simplified to eat the pizza.Sicilian pizzaIt is also called as Sfincione and is similar to Chicago style pizza. It is a square cut pizza with a thick crust and is spongier than other pizzas. It is topped with onions, tomato sauce, anchovies, and herbs. Afterward, it is covered with the breadcrumbs. It is typically served on holidays.Greek pizzaThough it wasn’t originally made in Greece, it was made by the Greek people who had come to America.

They introduced their own rules where the crust has to be puffier and has tomato paste with oregano flavor. It is topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. California pizza Also known as gourmet pizza, it is famous for its unusual ingredients such as mustard, ricotta, red pepper, and ricotta. It was first prepared by Chef EdLaDou. So, these are the types of pizzas that are most commonly available in the market. Make sure you pick the best brand of pizza to eat from, and apart from the types of pizza, there are multiple classifications available in them as well, depending on the country of origin. Pizza delivery is also an extremely common service that restaurants have.