Consuming Nuts For A Better Health

Nuts are one of the most popular food among all of us. They are healthy as well and it is also full of fiber and protein. However these nuts provide a lot of health benefits to the human body as well. 

What are Nuts?

Nuts are basically a type of fruit. Different raw nut mix gives a different nutrition value to the body and it will give various kind of health benefits. However when it comes for losing weight, Nuts are one of the major things that you might need to consider adding to your food.

Almonds Cashew Walnuts Hazelnuts Pecans Great source of Many nutrients

Nuts are basically highly nutritious.Once ounce of nuts contains whole lots of nutrition. However some nuts have higher amounts of good nutritious than the other. For example, somenuts provides more than 100% nutrition’s a body should take. The carb contents for nuts are highly valuable. Hazelnuts and macadamia nuts are some of the popular nuts among a lot of people. With that being said, different types of nuts are usually and excellent source of nutrition to consume and as well as add to a diet plan as well. 

Nuts can help you lose weight.

Although these nuts are considered as high calorie food, most of the researchers suggest that these nuts may help losing weight. Even if you are someone in gluten free diet, certain nuts are not safe in the diet as well. More than sweets like awesome gluten free lollies and other healthier sweets, almonds have consistently been shown to promote weight loss rather the weight gain. Even consuming pistachios might help you in lose weight as well.One of the special thing is that even though the calorie count is high in these nuts, studies have shown that your body doesn’t absorb all of them. This is for the reason that a portion of fat remains trapped inside the nuts outer wall in the process of digestion.

It’s a healthy snack

When it comes for nuts, it is one of the healthies snacks that you can eat and even include in your daily meal. However most of the nuts does not come with any extra ingredients and it’s raw and pure so it gives a complete nutrition to the body. But unlike many other processed nut products, like peanut butter often contains high amount of salt and sugar which can be unhealthy. However its best that you don’t purchase any items that has extra unhealthy ingredients.

Buy Harissa Online And Impress People With Your Culinary Knowledge

People who love food and live for food are commonly known as foodies. Foodies mostly like to try new things and explore new cuisines to expand their closure to food. They like to experience the new taste and new sensations. People who are less finicky regarding what they eat, are said to be happiest people alive. Due to advancement in technology, and due to the fact that we are much more evolved in the use of technology and smart devices that all parts of our lives are affected, and quite positively if I say so. Same is the impact of technology in the preparation of food. Not only preparation, in fact, searching about new exotic cuisines, finding out where they are available and also getting reviews regarding peoples experiences have got so much easier.

Some of you might be familiar with the ingredient called harissa. Harissa is basically a paste made of hot chili peppers that originate from Tunisia. This paste contains more ingredients to make it perfect and give it that red vibrant look. Harissa is the most hyped up ingredient nowadays and used by almost all famous chefs and restaurants in fusion cooking. The good news for food enthusiast is that you can now buy harissa online as well. Getting familiar with unknown spices and herbs is a hobby for some people that they enjoy and take pleasure in ordering these ingredients online is a blessing for people as they can get anything they desire without living their house. To buy harissa online and buy french food online, can get some people skeptical regarding the quality and standard. If you do proper research and go for authentic websites to order harissa then the quality will surely be amazing. More and more chefs are venturing into fusion cooking nowadays and are using ingredients that are new to the palate of most people. But this experiential fusion cuisine of east meets west is getting a great response from the customers.

If you intend to buy harissa online and know nothing about this ingredient then there is nothing to be worried. Harissa is mostly called the main condiment of Tunisia, which is fascinating, to say the least. It can be used in different cooking procedures as per your preferences. You can use harissa as margination for meat as well as fish, and grilling it or frying it will give the perfect smoky flavor to any type of protein you use. It can be used to flavor gravies and soups in a moderate amount that should complement the gravy and not overpower it. Apart from using in cooking, harissa can also be used as a dipping sauce by adding some olive oil and lemon juice and use for dipping flatbreads, breadsticks and crisps. Due to its complex and smoky flavor, harissa is widely used to add flavor in stews and broths to add a kick of flavor and taste. Apart from Tunisia, Moroccan cuisine also has a heavy use of harissa in all their traditional recipes and specialties.

What Are The Different Types Of Pizza?

There have been numerous transformations in making of pizza and yet it is loved by almost everyone. Its origin lies in Italy. There are different types of pizza produced nowadays and they have been enlisted below. Neapolitan pizzaThis is the original kind of pizza that dates back to the 18th century which had been introduced in Naples, Italy. It was purchased frequently as it had low cost and during that time, it was just a flatbread that had minimum ingredients such as tomatoes, garlic, and cheese. But now it has three variants, namely, Pizza Marinara, Pizza Margherita and another type of Pizza Margherita that has extra ingredients. 

Any Italian restaurant Blackburn will have this pizza on its menu.Chicago pizzaIt is also known as a deep-dish pizza. In the 1900s, Ike Sewell had made a pizza that had a thick crust which was having raised edges and ingredients consisted of mozzarella cheese slices and mixed with crushed tomato and vegetables. Its creation led to the famous chain, Pizzeria Uno. New York style pizza Though it is not the original, it was famous in the USA. It is quite similar to Neapolitan pizza. It is believed that its dough is made from the minerals that could be obtained in the Big Apple’s water. But its crust had to be thin and yet thick to fold a slice in half. So it would be simplified to eat the pizza.Sicilian pizzaIt is also called as Sfincione and is similar to Chicago style pizza. It is a square cut pizza with a thick crust and is spongier than other pizzas. It is topped with onions, tomato sauce, anchovies, and herbs. Afterward, it is covered with the breadcrumbs. It is typically served on holidays.Greek pizzaThough it wasn’t originally made in Greece, it was made by the Greek people who had come to America.

They introduced their own rules where the crust has to be puffier and has tomato paste with oregano flavor. It is topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. California pizza Also known as gourmet pizza, it is famous for its unusual ingredients such as mustard, ricotta, red pepper, and ricotta. It was first prepared by Chef EdLaDou. So, these are the types of pizzas that are most commonly available in the market. Make sure you pick the best brand of pizza to eat from, and apart from the types of pizza, there are multiple classifications available in them as well, depending on the country of origin. Pizza delivery is also an extremely common service that restaurants have.

How To Earn Some Money When In College

We know that you would be excited about leaving home and going to college. That is because many have a dream about what college would be like. But what one fails to understand is how expensive college truly is. We can guarantee that all your money would be spent on college tuition and books. Then you are unlikely to have any money left over to have fun. Furthermore, we understand that you wouldn’t want to ask your parents for money. That is because they would already be doing so much by paying your tuition. In that case what you need to do is look for ways to earn some extra money. This is more than possible for you to do even if you are studying full time.

Get a Job

Many students think that it would be hard for them to work whilst in college. But that is not entirely true. We understand that your main priority is your education. But it is still possible for you to work part-time. We can guarantee that you would find numerous vacancies for everything from cocktail bartender hire Sydney to waitress. Furthermore, the best part is that you would find these schedules to be flexible. Therefore it would be more than possible for you to still attend lectures whilst working. This would be a great idea to earn some extra cash during your college years.


If you are a good student then you should definitely consider tutoring. That is because not only would this look great on your application. But you live in a place surrounded by students. Furthermore, we can guarantee that many of these students would be struggling with their studies. Therefore they would be more than happy to pay someone to tutor them. Furthermore, if you like you can also talk to your professors. That is because they can easily direct students looking for help to you. It would also be a good idea to advertise online. You can either use your social media platforms or even the student website.

Sell Books/Clothes

We all have old novels and textbooks lying around. If they are simply collecting dust you should consider selling them. You can easily get a good price for them if you visit a second-hand bookshop. Furthermore, that is not all. It is also possible for you to sell these items online. This can also include clothes. That is because we know that you would have many impulse buys and clothes that no longer fit you. Thus, this is the way to earn some extra cash as a college student.

Health Benefits Of Dry Fruits For Children

Your child is probably the most important person of your life. There are children who are weak in health. The health condition of the children depends on the food that they consume regularly. There are many children who do not follow proper regime of food. This leads to the health hazards for sure. There are many parents who strictly follow the regime of the food of the children and thus they help the child to grow properly.

There are many fruit powders Australia which are available for the kids in the open market. There are many children who definitely do not like to eat the whole fruit. But in these cases the parents should ensure that the fruit values should go inside the children. Once you see that they have got good balance in their diet then you will see that the growth is also proper. So before going for food supplement, it is always advisable to go in for powder of the rich fruits which will surely help your child grow faster. Just serach the internet and find out the benefits of these nutrient rich foods for your child.

Many children love to eat best dried fruit. In these cases, parents do not have much to do. There are many children who do not eat fruits at all, and they do not even prefer to eat them. In these cases, you should be aware about the child’s habit and then you should go ahead with the same so that you can have your child get the good things in life very easily. There are supplements also which are there and the same needs to be given in proper quantity to the children so that they have good physical health.There are immense benefits of dry fruits and some of them are written below.

Almond benefits

This particular dry fruit is packed with iron and calcium. It is also highly rich in fibre. All you need to do is to give them this nut in correct proportion so that you can build your child’s health.

Walnut benefits

This power packed dry fruit is very essential and is packed in Omega 3 fatty acids. It also contains lots of Vitamin B, Manganese and also Zinc. Thus, the children are highly benefited from these for sure.

Resins benefits

These dried grapes are very rich in iron and potassium. It also increases your child’s mental health while giving lots of energy. The sugar filled dry fruit has benefits related to bone health as well.

Thus, give these dry fruits to your growing child and help them grow naturally.

Benefits Of Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts are used as an ingredient in many recipes. It used as a healthy snack for everyone in a family. It’s especially found in Brazil. It is rich in nutrients. And it has good cholesterol. It is one of the healthy dry fruits in the world.

When used in recipes, it enriches the taste of the dishes. It makes your skin look glowing and healthy. You can buy cashews online too. There are Australian stores that sell cashew and buy frozen acai online. You have to search for the right store.

Good Cholesterol:

From many experiments it is confirmed that cashew nuts are the healthiest nuts than other nuts, like walnuts, peanuts, and like acai in Sydney these nuts are loaded with healthy nutrients. It contains fat 16 grams per 1/4 cup. It contains unsaturated fat. This fat is in the same type of monosaturated fat of olive oil. When we eat it good cholesterol enters into our body and decreases bad cholesterol. That prevents heart attack. It helps us to maintain our heart and helps to get rid of heart diseases.

Copper and magnesium:

Cashew nuts are rich in copper. Copper is a very important part of our diet. Cashew nuts contain copper 38 percent of our daily requirement in 1/4 cup. Copper has antioxidants. It increases the hemoglobin level in our blood and helps to fight against anemia. It plays an important role in melanin production which fixes the pigment in your skin and hair. Cashew nuts are also rich in magnesium. Magnesium is an important bone nutrient. Half of the magnesium of our body has been stored in our bones. Magnesium is important for our bones, nerves, muscles etc.

History and flavor:

It is a seed that can be found under the cashew apple from the cashew tree. At first it is found in Brazil and still this place is the best source of getting pure, organic cashews. Its shape is like a kidney. It is rich in nutrients, copper and magnesium. It also reduces bad cholesterol from our body and helps to lose weight. It has a nice flavor that enriches the taste of foods. If we cook chicken, shrimp it can enrich the taste of this dishes. It is also a popular substitute of peanut butter. It’s used in sandwiches and in homemade sauces and dips.

Eyes and skin:

Due to pollution our eyes get infected. Cashew nuts are rich in antioxidants. That creates a layer on our eyes that protects our eyes from uv rays and pollution. The oil from cashew seeds protects our skin, makes our skin look younger and gives a natural glow to our skin.

The Ultimate Reasons Why Italian Should Be Your Favorite Cuisine

Food is one of the best things in our life. Food will instantly make us feel much better and will surely energize us for the rest of the day. If you are a foodie, you will certainly be interested in the cuisines from all over the world. One of the most notable cuisines is the Italian cuisines and surely, it is loved by people all over the world. If you question people, you will never find someone who doesn’t like Italian food. If you are a favourite, the Italian cuisine? If not, here are something that you should know that will make the Italian cuisine your favourite:

The Ingredients Used are Fresh, Healthy and Simple

One of the most noteworthy things about the Italian cuisine is that the ingredients which are used are fresh, simple and healthy. For sure, the Italian cuisine is known to be highly diverse. However, all of their dishes will include fresh and simple ingredients which will mostly be found in their locale. Surely, if you are preparing Italian food, you don’t have to go through a lot of hassle but the ingredients that are needed will be found easily. If you are craving for some Italian but you don’t have the ingredients to make some for yourself or if it is your day off, the best thing that you can do is to call for pizza delivery Box Hill. With this, you can surely make your day so much better because the flavours will surely refresh you and please your taste buds.

They can be Easily Cooked

As much as the ingredients that are needed for Italian food is can be easily found, the food can be easily cooked. One thing about Italian food is that they will always taste absolutely delicious regardless of the dish that you are trying. One of the easiest dishes that you can proper is pasta and surely, it will not fail to keep you feeling your best with every bite. If you feel like the day is a pasta day, all that you have to do is to visit a pasta restaurant.

The Italian Cuisine is Wide and Diverse

The Italian cuisine doesn’t only consist of a number of dishes, but it is a diverse topic. Depending on the part of Italy, the dishes that they have will surely differ. Visiting an authentic Italian restaurant from Trattoria il Casolare will help you experience abet of what Italy brings to you in terms of food and surely, you will love every bite of it.

Reasons To Switch Over To Gluten Free Diet

Desserts are heaven for most of us. The sweet melting feeling inside the mouth just takes us to another world. With family or friends or an alone time can be passed very well with the TV on before your eyes. All these are very special feeling. But, if this special feeling turns into something irritating, then what will happen?

Desserts sometimes cause stomach pain and bloating which is really very bad after a sweet treat. All these are the result of gluten that is present in desserts and processed food. It is healthy to go for gluten free foods including gluten free desserts Melbourne. Glutenin and giladin are two simple proteins that make the complex protein named gluten. Gluten is found in grains like wheat, rye, barley and others. It gives elasticity and stickiness to flour when water is added to it. Gluten helps us to make the dough in the kitchen and thus gluten is used in dessert making too. People who cannot digest gluten properly can have life threatening reactions. People suffering from some diseases can have adverse effect on consuming gluten. These diseases are autism, celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis and gluten sensitivity.

Dermatitis herpetiformis is also an autoimmune disease like celiac disease. But it also attacks the skin along with intestine. If a patient suffering from dermatitis herpetiformis is ingested with gluten, large part of the skin will be covered with water filled blisters. The only way is to indulge in paleo cakes and desserts those are gluten free. The same is the case with autistic people. If an autistic patient fails to break the complex protein, it will go to the brain. Gluten is known to aggravate the problem. So, these people should also choose gluten free cakes and delicious desserts.

Patients with celiac disease cause harm to their own intestinal villi as the body’s immune system starts fighting the cells in small intestine. People suffering from this disease can develop cancer like gastrointestinal cancer, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, neurological problems and osteopenia on consuming foods that has gluten in it. The only way to prevent these diseases is to avoid gluten completely. Gluten sensitivity results in bloating, diarrhea, flatulence and abdominal cramping. Gluten free diet is the solution to this problem too.

Not only patients, but normal people can have benefits from a gluten free diet. Gluten is found in pasta and bead. So when you go gluten free, you actually cut high carbohydrate from your diet. It will help to lose weight easily only to become fit to fat. People with high blood sugar can get their health back by choosing a gluten free diet.

How To Plan For A Cocktail Party?

Cocktail parties are a rage at this moment. It is a great way to enjoy yourself and also with others. A cocktail party can bring a great deal of fun at its starting phase. It will be great if you can properly plan for a cocktail party. But planning a party is not at all easy. Especially when you are planning for a cocktail party, the planning may be quite a tough thing. Proper planning is needed for making your cocktail party a hit. It can turn into a problematic one if you fail to plan properly. Here are a few tips to make a properly planned cocktail party.

The most important thing of a cocktail party is the bar. The best place for this is the kitchen from where one can easily serve the cocktails. But if you want a more spacious place, you can easily shift this to the hall. There are quite a few things to keep in mind while planning for the cocktail party. Here we are going to give a few tips on planning a cocktail party.

In a cocktail party, the main thing is to serve cocktails properly and at the perfect time when nearly everyone will wait for the drink. Always make sure that there is a proper cocktail bar Prahran and enough cocktail shakers so that several people can make cocktails at the same time and party members can get the drink. It is also necessary to have a tall mixing stick and a large jug which are used in making thirst quenching drinks.There must be glasses of different sizes. These will help to serve mixes of different strengths. A single size is never perfect for a cocktail party. As there are people with different taste, it is necessary to provide them with what they need.

It is not necessary that everyone present in the party will need alcoholic drinks. You will easily find some people who want non-alcoholic drink. People who are going to drive cars must avoid alcohol and you must also prepare for that.Snacks are a must for parties. When it is a cocktail party, there is more need of the snacks. So, make it sure that snacks are available in every corner of the room.

Ice is another important thing in a cocktail party. Either get it from a delivery service or arrange for a large refrigerator which will provide enough ice for the party.

Online Business With Delicious Food Items

It has become common for the people these days to depend on the online portals which can serve their purposes and requirements. With the introduction of online services, many such things are becoming easy for the people that they cannot feel a burden in doing them. Especially shopping has become easy. But nowadays, many such services are available for the benefit of the people which include:

Groceries booking

Online food materials



Toys and kids accessories


Fresh vegetables and fruits

Furniture and decors etc.

There are no such things that are not available in the online shopping portals. Along with the purchasing items, people can also find various services like:

Coaching classes

Plumbing works

Electrical services like repairs and installations

Cooking classes online

Customized birthday cakes decoration etc.

These days there is a massive demand for the home-made delicious food items including cookies, chocolates, and snacks, etc. it can be a good business for the people to make the food products and provide them to the clients. They can use the online portals in extending their quality services to their clients efficiently. They can provide the complete details about the products available to them and can display their impressive images so that people can get attracted.

Nowadays, the restaurants, hotels, and bakeries, etc. have been including their services in the online portals. They can provide the menu and can take the orders for delivery up to certain distance by charging the service fare. Different people can have diverse interests and tastes over the food items. Some people like to have the specific flavors, and it cannot be possible for them to pick. In that case, the online orders can help them to book for their favorite things and can enjoy their meal.

In the same way, the bakery business is also profit earning one these days. They can make varieties of beautiful cakes Liverpool and display them in their portals with the details like its flavor, color, extra toppings, weight and other essential things. The customers can check the website and can place their order depending on their requirements. These vendors can provide home delivery to their clients and can earn better profits in their business. People can place their customized orders as many shapes and patterns are available in them. They can choose the one that can satisfy their children and can send the image through the mail. They can offer the home delivery services to the clients and it can be beneficial as the clients can check other tasks. They can also provide many such delicious food items as per the client’s requirements. With tasty food, people can enjoy the parties and can have fun when they get satisfied with the arrangements.

Everything You Need To Know When Picking A Venue

When you want to host a birthday party, a wedding anniversary celebration, a friendly reunion, a community gathering, or even an important conference with your business involved, you would need to choose a place to do so. While you could have the function anywhere that you want, you would need to realize that the venue that you choose for the matter would have a direct impact on how successful the function would turn out to be. When you want to pick a venue for such a matter, there would be many factors that you need to take into your consideration. It would be best for you to go through everything that you need to know when picking a venue.

Firstly, you will have to focus on the nature of the function. It could be something personal to you, or it could be an open event where many people would take part in. The venue you choose needs to face the space requirements of those who are attending, the facilities that they needs and the ambience of the place that you choose would need to fit the nature of the function. As an example, if you want to have a hen’s night, you cannot expect good hens packages from a family restaurant. You would need to find venues that are ideal, and this would allow you to have a good time according to your function.

What really matters would be how well the purpose of the function is served by the location that you pick, and you need to be really sure of your choice. If you are picking a venue, you would need to have a look at the reputation that the venue has for hosting the type of events that you are wanting to host.

This would allow you to gain a clear idea of what could be done in such a place. When it comes to matters such as corporate function venues, you would need to pay special attention towards the venue as it would be a reflection on your company. Creating impressions would matter much in the modern corporate world and it would be quite important for one to create an ideal impression on your corporate through the venue that you pick, which would open up many opportunities in the future.

Picking a venue might be seemingly simple, but it is something that has to be done right. Just as a bad choice of venue could ruin your function, making the right choice would be able to bring in so much for you as a host of the function.

Hassel Free Entertaining

Hassel of food preparation has become a common topic of discussion among many. Due to the busy life styles entertaining people has lost its glory, unlike in the olden day where people looked forward to having friends and family over for meals. Even organising a small dinner for a few people especially during a working day adds a significant amount of stress to the lady in the house. Just like in the corporate needs in around the house itself has become demanding, having school going children and demands of their day to day needs also contributes to households getting more preoccupied.

Entertainment and socialising being a key human factor catering has brought in the solution to hassle free food preparation, making the host available for mingling free with the guest. Parties and get-togethers can be more enjoyable for both guest and host if the food preparation is taken care of. It is important to hire a reputed caterer and taste the food prior to confirming your order, you can also make a personal visit to the service provider you have chosen to check on the hygienic conditions of their food preparation area. If is is up to your satisfaction you are good to go.

If you are catering food for a small family gathering you could opt for a small scale caterer who prepares meals in small quantities preserving the home cooked taste and ambience in the food. If it is a large function then it is advisable to use a largescale food provider who is trained and geared to give you the best service needed. It is good to get a few quotations from a few service providers and do a taste and quality test before you confirm one.

When planning a meal one should keep in mind that every person who eats it should go “wow!” and be impressed of the choices made by the host. If you are not quite sure of the likes and dislikes of the guests it is always advisable to order a platterof variety which may include at least one item that might impress your guest. A good catering service provides and takes care of the entire function from planning to execution saving time undoubtedly and cost mostly.

The cleaning of crockery and vessels is the other challenge faced by a host. After a party everybody gets too tired and just needs a good rest, not at all in a mood to clean hiring a full service saves you from this final part of your problem too as most caterers bring in everything including the tables for food.

Hosting A Work Party

Sometimes, your work may require that you host clients for an annual cocktail party or dinner. This could be seasonal, like a Christmas dinner or even simply an annual gala where you create an opportunity for everyone to meet and network or just socialise.Sometimes, launching a new product or celebrating a promotion may also require that a party is thrown. Here are some tips on how to organise and throw a great work party. 

Make your lists

First things first. Start making your lists of who to invite and what items you might need. Make a list of all the clients that you plan on inviting. Take this opportunity to create a master list that can be reused over and over and added to as the years go by. Use this list to send out invitations either by email or by post. You can also use this list to track RSVP’s and then use it once again when organising the food for the party. Ake sure you ask invitees to confirm their attendance at an early date. Next, sit down and speak to a corporate catering company about what they might be able to offer in terms of food and pricing.

It is best to go with a company that offers corporate catering Perth as they will be better equipped to handle food quantities and their waiters and staff will be trained to handle a corporate event.

Organising the event

Once the invites have been sent and you know how many people (approximately) will be attending you need to get started on organising the actual event. Our first piece of advice – delegate. Do not try to handle everything yourself. Create a team to handle the event and as team leader delegate the various tasks and make it your job to oversee everything to ensure that it all runs smoothly. Some tasks to delegate would be decorating the venue, organising security and a coat check, being in charge of the food and caterers and even having someone to handle the speeches. You then get to keep tabs on everything without getting stressed out or feeling over worked.

Keep things simple

Keep things simple. Have basic décor – fresh flowers and maybe an ice sculpture if you’re feeling fancy. Have a schedule for the event. Leave about fifteen minutes to allow guests to arrive. Then organise for a short speech to be made – the nature of which will be determined by the purpose of the party and then have the food and drinks served soon after. This will help you control everything and stay stress free.

Different Types Of Ice Cream Machines

Ice cream is one of the most widely served deserts of all times. It is one of the most preferred and loved sweet offerings. Children and adults both enjoy it and therefore it is easily available at restaurants, stores, shops and parlors. No one says no to the treat of their favorite soft serve as it very easily stirs the taste bud and attracts everybody. However there are certain challenges which are faced by the business owners when selling such treat as it needs maintenance of a particular temperature to preserve its consistency. Certain equipment and freezers are needed in order to preserve it. Therefore finding the right machine in such a business is very important.

There are several types and kinds of machines related to the ice cream industry and these can be bought in order to make things easier when selling ice cream. A popular machine that is capable of making yogurt ice cream is often known as yogurt ice cream machine.

The different types of machines are capable of producing different types of product. And some of the types are as follows:

• Restaurants and ice cream parlors often install the floor model types which can serve in large amount and also more than one flavor. The yogurt ice cream machine is often the floor model type as it has the capacity to serve two or more flavors of ice cream along with yogurt.

• Countertop ice cream maker is good for small business and serves only one flavor type. Small joints often install them next to their billing counters in order to attract customers for an ice cream treat as a side offering and in turn boost their sale.

These machines are further categorized into low volume, medium volume and high volume types. A low volume ice cream maker produces around three servings per minute while a medium one will produce at least five. And the high volume maker will produce at least seven per minute.

Single flavor maker and dual or more flavor maker equipment is used according to the sale. A joint which has other products to sell along with ice cream will possibly use a small countertop model and sell a single flavor. However a big restaurant will use a floor model and serve dual or more flavor along with twist flavor or frozen yogurt.

Other types include gravity fed type equipment and pressurized ice cream maker. Gravity fed uses gravity forces in order to serve the ice cream and the pressurized ones uses pumps.

You can choose the one depending upon the need of your business and the sales figure.