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Different Types Of Ice Cream Machines

Ice cream is one of the most widely served deserts of all times. It is one of the most preferred and loved sweet offerings. Children and adults both enjoy it and therefore it is easily available at restaurants, stores, shops and parlors. No one says no to the treat of their favorite soft serve as it very easily stirs the taste bud and attracts everybody. However there are certain challenges which are faced by the business owners when selling such treat as it needs maintenance of a particular temperature to preserve its consistency. Certain equipment and freezers are needed in order to preserve it. Therefore finding the right machine in such a business is very important.

There are several types and kinds of machines related to the ice cream industry and these can be bought in order to make things easier when selling ice cream. A popular machine that is capable of making yogurt ice cream is often known as yogurt ice cream machine.

The different types of machines are capable of producing different types of product. And some of the types are as follows:

• Restaurants and ice cream parlors often install the floor model types which can serve in large amount and also more than one flavor. The yogurt ice cream machine is often the floor model type as it has the capacity to serve two or more flavors of ice cream along with yogurt.

• Countertop ice cream maker is good for small business and serves only one flavor type. Small joints often install them next to their billing counters in order to attract customers for an ice cream treat as a side offering and in turn boost their sale.

These machines are further categorized into low volume, medium volume and high volume types. A low volume ice cream maker produces around three servings per minute while a medium one will produce at least five. And the high volume maker will produce at least seven per minute.

Single flavor maker and dual or more flavor maker equipment is used according to the sale. A joint which has other products to sell along with ice cream will possibly use a small countertop model and sell a single flavor. However a big restaurant will use a floor model and serve dual or more flavor along with twist flavor or frozen yogurt.

Other types include gravity fed type equipment and pressurized ice cream maker. Gravity fed uses gravity forces in order to serve the ice cream and the pressurized ones uses pumps.

You can choose the one depending upon the need of your business and the sales figure.